Specific Competences
LO1 Graduates master the knowledge of structure, molecular properties, identification, separation, characterization, transformation, molecular synthesis and applications, mastering knowledge of the function, how to operate the general instruments on chemistry, and mastering on software applications, basic instruments, a standard method for the analysis and synthesis in the field of general chemistry or more specific (organic, biochemistry, analytical, physical, or inorganic chemistry)
LO2 Graduates are able to work as a master technician or analyst who is able to solve chemical problems in a particular field through a simple procedural approach
LO3 Graduates are able to solve problems on science and technology in the field of chemistry in general within the scope of such identification, analysis , isolation, transformation , and synthesis of molecules through the application of knowledge of the structure and properties of molecules, methods of analysis and synthesis in a specific field of chemistry, and the application of relevant technology
LO.4 Graduates are able to produce appropriate conclusions based on the results of the identification, analysis, isolation, transformation and synthesis of chemicals
LO.5 Graduates are able to present alternative solutions in the areas of identification, analysis, isolation, transformation, and synthesis of chemicals at the simple molecular level that can be used as basis for decision making appropriately
LO.6 Graduates are able to prepare, handle, and manage chemicals in environment and the manufacturing process on public and private institutions
LO.7 Graduates are able to disseminate accurate review of chemistry issues in the form of reports or working papers
LO.8 Graduates are able to take responsibility for chemistry jobs concerning the safety and security independently and accountable for the institution or organization
LO.9 Graduates are able to conduct self evaluation, self management continuously throughout life, to communicate information and ideas effectively in various media to the public in accordance with the field or the general public


Sosial Competences:
LO.10 Having a good moral, ethics, and good character in solving and handling problems,  Serving as a proud citizen and love the country and to support world peace.
LO.11 Appreciate the diversity of cultures, views, beliefs, and religions as well as opinions / original findings of others.
LO.12 Able to work together and have social sensitivity and concern to the community and environment, Upholding the rule of law and have the passion to put the interests of the nation and the wider community