The main purpose of Chemistry Study Programme establishment in Universitas Airlangga is to enrich the life of nation itself through education development in order to obtain the graduates with highly moral, highly knowledgeable in chemistry field, have good performance, highly soft skilled, and highly empathy to the social community.To realize the goal of education developed by various approaches such as the development of curricula and teaching methods, preparation of infrastructure, preparation of competent human resources etc. The integration of all these approaches were developed to get the learning outcomes that support the creation of quality graduates and have high competitiveness in the national and international levels. Through the integrated approach, chemistry study program of Universitas Airlangga  designed  the competence of its graduates which have a following profile below :

  1. Analyst who is able to solve simple chemistry problems based on procedural approach. 2.    Technician who is able to solve simple chemistry problems based on procedural approach
  2. Supervisor who is able to coordinating several technicians and or analysts
  3. Manager who is able to lead an organization , especially in the field of chemistry


       The Profile of chemistry degree programme graduates of Universitas Airlangga  has been adjusted to a standard level of competence and qualifications of graduates established by the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (INQF), where the chemical graduates (bachelor’s degree) comparable to level 6 which has the competence as a technician or analysist.

          Each profile needs parameter descriptions on required competencies that include knowledge, abilities in the areas of work, managerial ability and professional attitudes and values. Expected learning outcomes have been defined to meet all of these parameters. Each Expected Learning Outcomes are integrated in the courses, both compulsory courses and elective courses, so that the achievement of competence of each course supports one or more Expected Learning Outcome. Since the learning outcomes determined based on analysis compiled tiered competency in accordance with the given subject, the learning outcomes will surely meet the standards compiled knowledge, skills and attitude as well as professional ethics graduates.