Achievement Goals and Strategies


Target of Study Program

  1. Graduates who are competent in the field of chemistry that can work in a professional, independent and able to compete in the national and international levels.
  2. Innovative research in the field of chemistry with the approach of inter- and multi-disciplinary.
  3. Dedication to the community to increase community empowerment associated with the field of chemistry
  4. The research collaboration in the field of chemistry and its application to industry and institutions both nationally and internationally.
  5. Build a network of cooperation with both industry stakeholders and other institutions at the national and international level in the fields of education, research and community service for the sustainability program

Achievement strategies

  1. Improving the quality of graduates through a learning process of innovative and sustainable modern
  2. Improving access to education is based on the quality of students through promotion activities
  3. Improving the quality and quantity of research faculty and students through strengthening the mastery of science and technology professional and independent
  4. The increase in the number of research publications faculty and students in scientific journals and scientific seminars
  5. The increase in the number of joint research and cooperation network in the field of education and research institutions at home and abroad
  6. Increasing the role of social institutions through community service activities