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effective resources Undergraduate program

Biochemistry I, Biochemistry II, Advance Biochemistry, Enzymology, Advance topic in Biochemistry, Practical of Biochemistry, Research Methodology

More Bonuses Magister program

Structure and function of Biomolecule; Genetic Engineering, Genomic and proteomic analysis Doctoral program

Enzyme;  Biomolecule; Genetic Engineering, Protein Engineering


hydrocodone acetaminophen walmart price Academic career

tylenol 3 vs 5mg hydrocodone Degree University Year

Bachelor Program at Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences




Government Employer at Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education   as a Lecturer 




Master Program (Biochemistry)  



Doctorate (subject)   (Enzymology)     

Bogor Agricultural-Indonesia


Post-Doctoral Fellow on KNAW Mobility Program at Biophysical Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratory Institution

University of Groningen-The Netherlands    


site here Employment

Source Position

hydrocodone 5 mg street price Employer

Going Here Period

Professor on Biochemistry



Academic Director



side effects of hydrocodone 10mg Research and development projects overthelast5years


1.      2013-2014 :   Synthesis and SAR Analysis of Chalcone Derivatives as New Anti-Malatia Agent through Inhibition Mechanism of Plasmodium falciparum Ferredoxin-NADP+ Reduktase (FNR), Research Project Name : SINAS-Kemenristek  (Head researcher)

2.      2016 :     Structure and Function of Novel CBM36 from local strain Geobacillus thermoleovorans IT-08 for Industrial Application, Research Project

name : HKLN-PI (Head Researcher)

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webpage Partners

Lab. Of Regulation of Biological Reactions, Division of Protein Chemistry, Institute of Protein Research, Osaka University, Japan                                               

generic hydrocodone Amount of financing

1.IDR 200,000,000 / year,

2. IDR 180,000,000


find out Industry collaborations over the last 5 years


1.      2012 :  Analysis Weathering of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches by Excelzyme

2.      2015-2017 : Local Excelzyme Production to Supply The Domestic Bio-Product for Agro-Industrial demand

is vicodin stronger than generic hydrocodone  

hydrocodone 10/500 price Partners

PT Petrosida, Gresik, East Java, Indonesia

PT Stars Specialty Chemicals Indonesia, Jakarta, West java, Indonesia


generic hydrocodone 3605 Patents and proprietary rights

50 mg hydrocodone at once Title


Merck Patent of Excelzyme   Patent  No. IDM000293741                                                            


Formulation of Synthetic Medium for  Production of Lignocelluloses Degradation  Enzyme, Patent No IDP000040523                     


Important publications over the last 5 years


1.   Asmarani O, Wardojo BPE, Puspaningsih NNT. 2011. The synergy of recombinant xylanolytic enzyme         on xylan hydrolysis. MAKARA Journal of Technology Series, Vol 15(1).

2.   Kurniati A, Darmokoesoemo H, Puspaningsih NNT. 2011. Modification of surface structure and                   crystallinity of water hyacinth (Eichhorniacrassipes) following recombinant α-L-arabinofuranosidase               (abfa) treatment. J. Agric. Biotech. Sustain. Dev.Vol 3(9):182-188.

3.   Melinda, R., Purkan, Handoko, D., and Puspaningsih, N.N.T. 2013. Characterization of α-L-                       arabinofuranosidase (Abfa) Variant (Q46R; D205E; K285E) Biochemical Properties and in Silico Study       on Effect of Mutation to Its Structure, Int. J. of Bioscience, Biochemistry, and Bioinformatics, 2:5

4.   Ratnadewi, A.A.I., Fanani,M., Kurniasih, S.D., Makiko, S., Wasito, E.B., Sakka, K., Nurachman, Z., and           Puspaningsih, Ni Nyoman Tri. 2013. Β-D-Xylosidase from Geobacillus thermoleovorans IT-08:               Biochemical Characterization and Bioinformatics of the Enzyme. Appl. Biochem. And Biotechol.                     ,170:1950–1964

5.   Hery Suwito, Jumina, Mustofa, Pratiwi Pudjiastuti, Much Zaenal Fanani,Yoko Kimata-Ariga, Ritsuko               Katahira , Toru Kawakami , Toshimichi Fujiwara , Toshiharu Hase , Hasnah Mohd Sirat  and Ni                       Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, 2014., Design and Synthesis of Chalcone Derivatives as Inhibitors of the         Ferredoxin — Ferredoxin-NADP+ Reductase Interaction of Plasmodium falciparum: Pursuing New               Antimalarial Agents, Molecules, 19, 21473-21488

6.   I Nengah Wirajana, Tetsuya Kimura, Kazuo Sakka, Eddy Bagus Wasito, Soekry Erfan Kusuma, and Ni             Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, 2016. Secretion of Geobacillus thermoleovorans IT-08 ?-L-                             Arabinofuranosidase (AbfA) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Fusion with HM-1 Signal Peptide, Procedia       Chemistry 18 : 69 – 74

7.   Ni Nyoman Purwani, Handoko Darmokoesoemo, Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, 2016, Hydrolysis of         Corncob Xylan using ?-xylosidase GbtXyl43B from Geobacillus thermoleovorans IT-08 Containing               Carbohydrate Binding Module (CBM), Procedia Chemistry 18: 75 – 81

8.   Lanny Hartantia, Ali Rohman, Ami Suwandi, Bauke W. Dijkstra, Zeily Nurahman, Ni Nyoman Tri               Puspaningsih, 2016, Mutation Analysis of the pKa Modulator Residue in ?-D-xylosidase from                     Geobacillus thermoleovorans IT-08: Activity Adaptation to Alkaline and High-Temperature Conditions,       Procedia Chemistry 18: 39 – 48

9.   One Asmarania, Much Zaenal Fanania and Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, 2016, Biochemical                        Potential of ?-L-Arabinofuranosidase as Anti-Tuberculosis Candidate, Procedia Chemistry 18: 82 – 89


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Indonesia Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society

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