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hydrocodone 5 mg canine Vision “To become an innovative and outstanding undergraduate study program thus becomes pioneer in the development of chemistry in national and international levels through professional education, research and services to the community with professional, quality and morality-based”.

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resource for this article Missions To achieve the vision, Chemistry Study Programme set five missions:

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  1. organizing chemical education and quality teaching learning process based on morality, the development of science and technology, the need for national and international job market, soft skills and entrepreneurship,
  2. conducting innovative research through an integrative approach in the field of chemistry based on the development of science and technology,
  3. devoting its expertise and application in the field of chemistry for community empowerment,
  4. performing management of organizations and institutions that are directed towards good university governance with the principles of accountability, transparency, and the existence of checks and balances and
  5. build a network of cooperation with stakeholders including industry and other institutions at national and international level in the fields of education, research and community service programs for sustainability.

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