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Teaching Activities

Biochemistry Lecturer, teaching activities

Undergraduate program

General Chemistry I and II, Biochemistry I, Practical of

General Chemistry I, Biochemistry II, Advance Biochemistry, Enzymology, Advance Topic in Biochemistry, Practical of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, ), Teaching area and designation


Magister program

Structure and function of Biomolecule; Genetic Engineering,  genomic and proteomic analysis


Doctoral program

Enzyme; and Biomolecule

Academic career




Bachelor Degree (Chemistry)          




FST Unair-Indonesia


Magister Degree (Biochemistry)




Doctoral Degree (Biochemistry)







Assistant Professor


1997 – 2010

Associate Professor


2010 – now

Research and development projects overthelast5years


  1. Technology Development in  DNA mytochondria Analysis to enhance the law performent and justice in Indonesia  (2012, Ministry of Research and Education, and Police Instution, Rp. 100.000.000)
  2. Analysis of pncA gene mutation and its protein structure to study the basis of  pirazinamide resitantance in  Mycobacterium tuberculosis (2013, Ministry of Research and Education, Rp. 100.000.000)
  3. Pre-contruction of TB potential Vaccine through cloning of pncA gene from  Mycobacterium tuberculosis (2014, Ministry of Research and Education, Rp. 50.000.000)
  4. Expression of katG gene from local clinical isolate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and immunogenecity assay to construct of TB (2015-2016, Ministry of Research and Education, Rp. 215.000.000)
  5. Development of biodiesel to pursue renewable energy using local  microalgae Chlorella sp (2017, Ministry of Research and Education, Rp 100.000.000)


Industry collaborations over the last 5 years

DNA Mytochondria - Based Development of Analysis technology to enhance the law performent and justice in Indonesia  (2012, Ministry of Research and Education, and Police Instution, Rp. 100.000.000)

1.      2012 :  Analysis Weathering of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches by Excelzyme

2.      2015-2017 : Local Excelzyme Production to Supply The Domestic Bio-Product for Agro-Industrial demand



PT Petrosida, Gresik, East Java, Indonesia

PT Stars Specialty Chemicals Indonesia, Jakarta, West java, Indonesia

Patents and proprietary rights




  1. Immunogenic protein "X" as a vaccine candidate for tuberculosis 

Teaching Materials:

  1. Production of gelatin from bone waste
  2. Biochemistry I
  3. Enzymology 
  4. Practical work of biochemistry guidance


Important publications over the last 5 years


  1. Purkan, Ihsanawati, Natalia D, Syah YM, Retnoningrum DS, Kusuma HS. Mutation of katG in a clinical isolate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: effects on catalase-peroxidase for isoniazid activation. Ukr Biochem J., 2016; 88 (N5): 71-81.
  2. Purkan, Safita Nurmalyya, Sofijan Hadi., Resistance Level of Pseudomonas Stutzeri Against Mercury And Its Ability In Production of Mercury Reductase Enzyme.,  Molekul, 2016, 11( 2):  230 – 238  
  3. Purkan, Afaf B, Magdalena SH, Lia NE, Redianti GN, Rizka AA, Presty N and Deby TJ. Varian in D-Loop of mitochondrial DNA from hair fibers of some Indonesian people. 2013. 3(6): 109-114
  4. Purkan, Mukhlisin JA Ma’ruf, Wiwin Retnowati, Afaf Baktir and Ni Nyoman T Puspaningsih.   Mutation in pncA and distortion in PZase model structure as a basis of pyrazinamide resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2015, 7(1):312-318
  5. Purkan., Ihsanawati., Syah YM., Retnoningrum D., Noer A., Shigeoka S., Natalia D. Novel mutations in katG gene of a clinical isolate of isoniazidresistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Biologia., 2012; 67(1): 41-47.


Activities in specialist bodies

Organization Role



Indonesia Chemical Society

Advisory Board