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hydrocodone 1000 mg vicodin Position Inorganic C buy cheap generic hydrocodone hemistry Lecturer, teaching activities

hydrocodone 20mg Undergraduate program

Practical General Chemistry II, Inorganic Chemistry II, Practical Inorganic Chemistry II, Physical Inorganic Chemistry, Practical Spectrometry and Electrometry


hydrocodone 325 mg overdose Magister program

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Bachelor Degree (Chemistry)          



Magister Degree (Analytical Chemistry)



Doctoral Degree (Environmental Science Development)

Hokkaido University-Jepang



FST Unair-Indonesia

2016 Employment

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article resource Employer

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Associate Professor


2016 – now

additional Research and development projects overthelast5years


useful reference Industry collaborations over the last 5 years

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Important publications over the last 5 years

  1.  Sakti, S. C. W., Siswanta, D., Nuryono. Adsorption of gold(III) on ionic imprinted amino-silica hybrid prepared from rice hull ash. Pure Appl. Chem., 2013; 85(1): 211-223.
  2.  Nuryono, Rosiati, N. M., Rusdiarso, B., Sakti, S. C. W., Tanaka, S. Coating of magnetite with mercapto modified rice hull ash silica in a one-pot process. SpringerPlus., 2014; 3(1):515
  3. Nuryono., Muliaty. E., Rusdiarso. B., Sakti, S. C. W., Tanaka, S.  Adsorption of Au(III), Cu(III) and Ni(II) on magnetite coated with mercapto groups modified rice hull ash silica. Journal of Ion Exchange., 2014; 25 (4): 114-121.
  4. Sakti, S. C. W., Narita, Y., Sasaki, T., Nuryono., Tanaka, S. A novel pyridinium fuctionalized magnetic chitosan with pH-independent and rapid adsorption kinetics for magnetic separation of Cr(VI). Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering., 2015; 3(3):1953-1961.
  5. Nuryono, Syukur, M., Kuncaka, A., Sakti, S. C. W. Functionalization of Fe3O4/SiO2 with N-(2-Aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyl for Sorption of [AuCl4]. Indonesian Journal of Chemistry., 16 (2): 130-137.


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