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Physical Chemistry Lecturer, teaching activities

Undergraduate program

General Chemistry I and II, Physical Chemistry I to 4, Practical of General Chemistry I, Practical of General Chemistry I and II, Practical of Enviromental Chemistry, Capita Selecta of Physical Chemistry


Magister program

Solid State and Interface Chemistry; Matrial Chemistry; Kinetical Chemistry and Catalyst; Nanomaterial and Nanotechnology; Advance Biomedical Processing; Science of Biomedical Product


Doctoral program

Capita Selecta of Chemistry

Academic career




Bachelor Degree (Chemistry)          



Government Employees, Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, Indonesia

FST Unair-Indonesia


Magister Degree (Physical Chemistry)



Doctoral Degree (Chemical Engineering)







Assistant Professor


2011 – now

Research and development projects overthelast5years


1.      Fly-ash Based Materials as Heavy Metals Adsorbent (2011-2012)/ IDR 100.000.000.

2.      Fabrication of Chitosan nanoparticles as extract of neem seed encapsulation, (2015-2016)/ IDR 199.000.000.

3.      Development of Cellulose Acetate Based Hollow Fiber as Hemodialysis Purpose (2015-2016)/ IDR 250.000.000.

4.      Polymicrobial Biofilm: new model of multidrug-resistant-targeted biofilm (2016-2017)/IDR 267.000.000.

5.      Design and Application of multifunctional magnetofluorescent  nanoparticle (2016-2017)/IDR 110.000.000.

Application of composite material from tofu waste as adsorbent of heavy metals/ (2016-2017)/IDR 100.000.000

6.      Application of composite material from tofu waste as adsorbent of heavy metals/ (2016-2017)/ IDR 100.000.000


Industry collaborations over the last 5 years

P3GI Pasuruan, 2011, Utilization of Banana Tree Waste Bio fiber as Raw Material: Pulp, Bioplastics and Microfiltration Membranes for Purification Nira Cane

Patents and proprietary rights



Practical  of Physical Chemistry I

Practical  of Physical Chemistry II

Practical of Environmental Chemistry




Important publications over the last 5 years


1.      A Permadi, MZ Fahmi, JK Chen, JY Chang, CY Cheng, GQ Wang, KL Ou (2012) Preparation of poly (ethylene glycol) methacrylate coated CuInS2/ZnS quantum dots and their use in cell staining. RSC Advances 2 (14), 6018-6022.

2.      EP Kuncoro, MZ Fahmi (2013) Removal of Hg and Pb in Aqueous Solution using Coal Fly Ash Adsorbent. Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 6, 377-382.

3.      MZ Fahmi, JY Chang (2013) Forming double layer-encapsulated quantum dots for bio-imaging and cell targeting. Nanoscale 5 (4), 1517-1528.

4.      MZ Fahmi, JY Chang (2014) A facile strategy to enable nanoparticles for simultaneous phase transfer, folate receptor targeting, and cisplatin delivery. RSC Advances 4 (100), 56713-56721.

5.      MZ Fahmi, KL Ou, JK Chen, MH Ho, SH Tzing, JY Chang (2014) Development of bovine serum albumin-modified hybrid nanoclusters for magnetofluorescence imaging and drug delivery. RSC Advances 4 (62), 32762-32772.

6.      EP Kuncoro, MZ Fahmi (2015) Kinetics of Hg and Pb Removal in Aqueous Solution Using Coal Fly Ash Adsorbent. IPTEK The Journal for Technology and Science 25 (3).

7.      MZ Fahmi, JK Chen, CC Huang, YC Ling, JY Chang(2015) Phenylboronic acid-modified magnetic nanoparticles as a platform for carbon dot conjugation and doxorubicin delivery. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (27), 5532-5543.

8.      MZ Fahmi & JY Chang (2016, March). Tailoring folic acid and methotrexate-attributed quantum dots for integrated cancer cell imaging and therapy. In M. Yasin, & S. W. Harun (Eds.), AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 1718, No. 1, p. 080001). AIP Publishing.

9.      MZ Fahmi & JY Chang (2016). Potential Application of Oleylamine-encapsulated AgInS 2-ZnS Quantum Dots for Cancer Cell Labeling. Procedia Chemistry, 18, 112-121.

10.   MZ Fahmi, W Sukmayani, SQ Khairunisa, AM Witaningrum, DW Indriati, MQY Matondang, JY Chang, Kameoka, M. (2016). Design of boronic acid-attributed carbon dots on inhibits HIV-1 entry. RSC Advances, 6(95), 92996-93002.


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